Hammann von Mier (since 2013) is a collaborative project of Stefanie Hammann and Maria VMier, two visual artists and publishers based in Munich. Hammann von Mier work at the border of applied arts in a variety of formats and diverse collaborative contexts, examining work processes and reflecting on conditions of artistic production. This type of practical theorizing is an intrinsic part of our work as artists and results e.g. in performances, lectures etc. Since the artist book became a main medium right from the beginning, we established Hammann von Mier Verlag in 2013: a publishing house for artist books as a self-organized and constant space, an independent format in which collaboration is possible and desirable. The publishing house arose from the idea to build our own structure for the distribution of artistic ideas and to help other young artists to gain visibility. The publishing house is an assertion, the publishing house is a strategy, the publishing house is a constant, the publishing house is a house. From us. For us. For others.

Our publications are available in selected stores e.g. Walther König (Munich), Printed Matter, Inc. (NYC), Boekie Woekie (Amsterdam), San Serriffe (Amsterdam), WIELS bookshop (Brussels), Prinz Eisenherz (Berlin), Motto Berlin, Salon für Kunstbuch (Wien), I never read at Fructa (Munich).
We also take part in international art book fairs on a regular basis. In the past for example FLAT Turin 2017 and 2018, LA Art Book Fair 2016, New York Art Book Fair 2014 and 2016, Friends with Books Berlin 2015, Miss Read Berlin 2015, I never read Basel 2014.

Collections: Archive Artist Publications (Munich), Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Munich), Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection (Chicago), Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (Frankfurt am Main), Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen–Weserburg (Bremen), SFMoMa Library (San Francisco), Metropolitan Museum (New York City).

Please contact mail@hvm-books.com for any inquiries.