Form Your Character!, Stefanie Hammann, Maria VMier, Hammann von Mier, 2018

The starting point and framework of "Form your Character!" is the Hammann von Mier Manifesto. Through the artistic collaboration as a duo and by running a publishing house for artist books, Hammann von Mier (henceforth HVM) engage with the current possibilities and conditions of artistic production from multiple point of views and location-specific perspectives. In "Form Your Character!" the reflections developed throughout the Manifesto are linked, specified and extended with materials from their stays in the USA and in particular the two-and-a-half-month research stay in NYC (Summer 2018) where HVM met artists in their studios, did research in archives, went to lectures and readings, read books and visited exhibitions. Moreover, "Form Your Character!" includes art and cultural-political events and initiatives which recently took place in Munich (the city in which HVM are based), thus documenting the current status of HVM ongoing examination of the social/political aspects of art and artistic collaboration. "The book Form Your Character!" consists of five parts, which differ in paper, format and printing techniques and are held together by a rubber band. It formally invokes elements found in Zine culture and self published artists’ books. Texts are mainly bilingual (German/English).

Artists: Hammann von Mier, Stefanie Hammann, Maria VMier
Design: Hammann von Mier
Concept/Design Chronology: Maria VMier Concept/Design Interview zine: Stefanie Hammann
Button: Stefanie Hammann
Helping editors and translators: Jan Erbelding, Kevin Reuning, Max Grau
Photo series: Robert Hamacher
Interviews with: Bobby Conn, Julie Pomerleau, Rebecca Erin Moran, Jule Korneffel, Arianna Carossa, Helin Alas, Juliet Philipps, Kylie Lockwood, Martha Wilson, Jesaja Song Rüschenschmidt (Polizeiklasse), Lydia Glenn-Murray, Amalia Mourad.
Special contributions: Johanna Gonschorek, Gabi Blum, Anna McCarthy, Tom Perkins
Realized through FLAT Prize—CRT Art Foundation 2017

23 x 29.7 cm, various printing techniques on different sorts of paper, individual parts held together by a rubber band, special: button

ISBN: 978-3-947250-16-5

Limited edition of 500

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